Third Meeting: Barry Azzopardi Summer School in Experimental Methods and Data Analysis


Named in honour of Prof. Barry Azzopardi, one of the greatest Experimental Multiphase Fluid Dynamicists of our time (from the University of Nottingham).

1. Opening, Tribute, Experiments and Modelling

2. Experimental Uncertainities, Design of Experiments and Volumetric PIV

3. X-Ray Tomography (as PDF file below), Electrical Tomography and Experimental Methods for Mass Transfer

X-Ray Tomography (slides)

4. Flow Visualisation, Specific Questions and Discussion

5. Future Experimental Methods

Original Announcement – The Event Has Happened Already

Join us if:

  • You are a modeller trying to validate your results
  • You are an experimentalist wishing to learn new techniques
  • You are interested in experimental methodologies, data-analysis, and error quantification.

MEET, LEARN and DISCUSS with the experts in experimental multiphase flows (both from academia, industry, and equipment manufacturers).

Key highlights:

  • 2 day Summer School covering a range of advanced laser- and impedance based and experimental methods for multiphase flows, including PIV, conductance probes, and tomography and much more!
  • Venue: Nottingham University
  • Date: 2-3 July, 2018

Agenda (This is a scrollable image):


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